CheapEats Ottawa v2

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CheapEats Ottawa

A bit cheeky. Very candid. Totally informative.

Ottawa’s guide to the good quality, high value restaurants. CheapEats Ottawa is an insider’s guide to over 200 Ottawa restaurants where you can get:

  • Breakfast for under $5
  • Lunch for under $10
  • Dinner for under $15
    (including beverage & taxes – tipping is up to you and your server)
  • From hidden gems to greasy spoons, first date to late night (and the morning after), CheapEats Ottawa will give you the inside track on some of the best places to eat in the Ottawa-area without breaking the bank.

    We give you the lowdown on prices, what to expect and how much money you need in your pocket to get fed.

    Our contributors are well-travelled foodies with opinions. They have been eating in, working in or writing about Ottawa restaurants for over 5 years. Each contributor is independent and brings their own voice, background and eating habits to their restaurant profiles.
    You get:

  • 200+ restaurant recommendations
  • 60 Cuisines and 50 Neighbourhoods Indexed
  • 1-5 ratings for Budget, Food Quality, Cleanliness and Style
  • Easy-to-use indexed format
  • Hours, closest OCTranspo, websites
  • Icons for vegetarian, kid friendly, open late, full tummy, patio and more
  • CheapEats Ottawa has no advertising of any kind and restaurants can’t buy their way in.

    Reader Reviews

    useful and readable “My husband and I have been to dozens of the restaurants listed in this book. Although they were hit or miss, because of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences, we found plenty of gems we didn’t even know existed. I’m frugal, and this tiny book has let me indulge in my love of eating out without doing damage to my wallet!” – mima

    “I recommend CheapEats Ottawa to both friends looking for an undiscovered treasure and newcomers who want an insider’s guide to where the good food is. This is a guidebook for and by unpretentious and unapologetic foodies. From pho to gravy pizza, this book is overflowing with delicious and inexpensive choices that will tantalize your palate at a cost that won’t empty your wallet.” Amanda Earl

    “The CheapEats Ottawa guide has paid for itself many times over, and turned us into the resident restaurant experts for all our Ottawa and out-of-town friends. We’ve always got a long list of suggestions of places to go, no matter how picky the palate.” — Rohit Saxena

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