CheapEats Toronto

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CheapEats Toronto.
A bit cheeky. Very candid. Totally informative.

Toronto’s best-selling guide to good quality, high value restaurants is an insider’s guide to 365 Toronto restaurants where you can get:
  • Breakfast for under $5
  • Lunch for under $10
  • Dinner for under $15 (all including beverage & taxes – tipping is up to you and your server)

From hidden gems to greasy spoons, first date to late night (and the morning after), CheapEats Toronto will give you the inside track on some of the best places to eat across the GTA without breaking the bank.

We give you the lowdown — and we only review restaurants that have been recommended by our readers. That means restaurants can’t buy their way into cheapeats. We don’t include any advertising either.

Our contributors have been eating in, working in or writing about Toronto restaurants for over 10 years. Each contributor is completely independent and brings their own voice, background and eating habits to their restaurant profiles. You get:

  • 365 restaurant recommendations.
  • 55 Cuisine and 45 Neighbourhood Listings.
  • 1-5 ratings for Budget, Food Quality, Cleanliness and Style.
  • Easy-to-use indexed format.
  • Hours, closest TTC, vegetarian, kid friendly, open late, full tummy, patio and more.

Get Out & Eat!

What people are saying about CheapEats:
“Breathing, sleeping, eating… these are things we all need to do on a regular basis. We can’t help you with the first two, but we’re experts at eating.” — George Walton, cheapeats Contributor

“Cheapeats is a must-have for anyone who wants a satisfying meal without having to sacrifice their paycheque and their first-born child for it. A well deserved best seller.” — Alison Fryer, The Cookbook Store

“Cheap Eats is my bible. How many times have we all said “let’s dine out” and then can’t decide where to go. You want to try something new, but you don’t want to chance a bad meal or an outrageously expensive one? From Vietnamese to Vegan, from ribs to ratatouille, from French bistro cuisine to English fish and chips, five minutes with Cheap Eats will set you on track to a delicious and affordable experience.” — Amanda Earl

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